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24/7 Media Inc., formerly known as 24/7 Real Media, is a digital marketing technology company, headquartered in New York City, New York, USA. It was founded by renowned American businessman, David J Moore, who is currently Chairman, CEO, and Founder of 24/7. Moore is also a board member of IAB since 2001.

The ultimate aim of 24/7 Media is to provide unique digital marketing solutions to various advertisers, agencies, and publishers globally.

The company was acquired by WPP plc on 17th of May, 2007 for approximately $649.

24/7 Media is currently known by the name of Xaxis, after the digital marketing technology company of WPP merged with Xaxis in 2014.

24/7 Media currently has about 18 offices located in different countries.

History of 24/7 Media Inc.

24/7 Media Inc. was formed in 1998 by a merger between Petry Interactive Inc., Advercomm Inc., and Interactive Imaginations Inc. The company was listed in the stock market one later in 1999.

After acquiring Sift Inc. for approximately $22 million in the year 1999, 24/7 Media entered in the realm of e-mail marketing. Later, in the year 2000, 24/7 Media made two big acquisitions, namely e-mail marketing firm Exactis.com Inc. for $490 million, and renowned Australian advertising network Sabela Media, Inc. for $70 million. In the year 2001, 24/7 Media disposed of Exactis.com and Sabela Media, and subsequently merged with Real Media Inc. and was thereby renamed as 24/7 Real Media, Inc.

After the inception of this company, it has been a part of several renowned websites, such as Worldnet, AT&T, Fox News, AOL NetFind, Comedy Central, Rolling Stone, Columbia House, Better Homes and Gardens Online, and Modern Bride.

Services offered by 24/7 Media

Below, some of the products offered to various clients in order to enhance the online marketing and data management system have been briefly discussed.

24/7 Open Stream
This is a platform for publishers that deal with ad serving and ad management. It is a tool that helps with consolidating order processing, targeting ad delivery, optimizing revenue, inventory management, and transformation of data to various devices and digital channels.
This is a smart tool that classifies, analyzes, and stores user interaction data.
24/7 Connect
This is a tool that disentangles the media transactions by bringing buyers, sellers, brand advertisers, publishers, and agencies together under one roof.
Self- Serve
This is an advertising platform that helps in providing flexible and easy solutions for small and midsized business firms.
This is a tool that helps in optimizing, planning, and managing search campaigns from a single control panel.



-- renamed to 24/7 Media


-- merged with Xaxis



-- bought Crystal Semantics

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