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Adblade is a content style ad network platform which is owned by Adiant. It is headquartered in Somerville, New Jersey, United States. It also has additional offices in Buffalo and New York City.

Adblade was founded in January 2008 by Ash Nashed, who is also the CEO of Adiant.

Adblade primarily operates in United States of America and works for the mobile and online traffic.

In 2011, Adblade was ranked as a top "brand safe" ad network by AdSafe Media, now Integral Ad Science, meaning that Adblade won't tarnish a brand's reputation by running ads on sites with "adult content, offensive language, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, alcohol, [and] hate speech."

History of Adblade

After launching in the 2008, Adblade managed to exceed 200 million users in the later year. Some of the publishers with whom this company works with are The Washington Times, Chicago Sun Times, ABC News, Hearst, and the Nasdaq.

Which is the most successful acquisition made by Adblade?

In 2009, Adblade acquired the major assets of MarchEx, which includes the cost-per-click ad network. After the acquisition of MarchEx, the online advertising company was able to provide financial publishing services to some of the publishers, such as Investopedia, Bankrate, Bloomberg, and MorningStar. In 2015, Adiant, the owner of Adblade, also acquired inSparq, a platform that helps brands and retailers discover and market trending products in an efficient way.

What does the company offers to its clients?

Adblade offers customized campaigns through ownership targeting methodology, which produces high returns on investments for the various advertisers and even acts as a revenue source for the publishers.

Services offered by Adblade to Advertisers

Helps in proper campaigning of new products through more than 1000 branded websites that reach over 300 million users on a monthly basis.

Enables promoting branded content on trusted websites like Yahoo, Hearst, Fox News, and McClatchy.

Helps in screening and monitoring the content of the advertisements on the web.

Offers services related to geo-targeting.

Provides reports to the advertisers on how a specific ad is performing on the web.

Supports standard article marketing and IAB ads.

Services offered by Adblade to Agencies

Helps the clients in reaching the targeted customers in the local market with the help of native marketing.

Uploads creative campaigns to most of the top rated sites such as USA Today, MSNBC, Yahoo!, Forbes, and FOX News.

With more than 1000 reputable sites that reach 300 million monthly users, Adblade ensures that the messages reach the targeted customers in a cost effective way.

Help in targeting the performance of a specific campaign, 24/7.

Adblade primarily operates in United States of America and works for the mobile and online traffic.

name value
AcquiredBy Adiant[1]
AdditionalOffices New York City[1]
AdditionalOffices#2 Buffalo, NY[1]
Competitors Outbrain[2]
Competitors#2 Taboola[2]
Competitors#3 Google[2]
Country United States[1]
Founded November 26, 2007[3]
FoundedBy Ash Nashed[4]
FoundedBy#2 Dr. Ash Nashed[1]
FoundedBy#3 Ash Nashed[2]
FoundedOn January 2008[1]
FoundedOn#2 2008[5]
FoundedOn#3 November 26, 2008[2]
Headquarters Somerville, New Jersey[1]
Headquarters#2 Somerville, NJ[2]
Launched January 2008[6]
MinimumTraffic 500,000 monthly pageviews[5]
Products Online Advertising[2]
Products#2 Internal Content Recirculation[2]
Products#3 Retargeting[2]
Products#4 Native Advertising[2]
Products#5 Private label ad serving[2]
ProductsAndServices Native Advertising/Sponsored Conten[7]
ProductsAndServices#2 Display ads[7]
ProductsAndServices#3 CPM and CPC[7]
ProductsAndServices#4 DMP (Data Management Platform)[7]
WebsiteInIt'sNetwork Nasdaq[1]
WebsiteInIt'sNetwork#2 Hearst[1]
WebsiteInIt'sNetwork#3 McClatchy Newspapers[1]
WebsiteInIt'sNetwork#4 The Washington Times[1]
WebsiteInIt'sNetwork#5 ABC News[1]
WebsiteInIt'sNetwork#6 Chicago Sun Times[1]
contact page
minimum traffic 500k
official blog[19]
official twitter[20]
official youtube[21]
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