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Adtech was founded in 1998. Its headquarters are in Frankfurt, Germany and New York, NY, USA. It was acquired by AOL on May 16, 2007.

Network Type

Adtech uses a CPM, PPC, and CPC network.

Payment Method, Minimum Payout, and Payment Terms

Adtech’s payment methods are PayPal, check, and wire transfer. The minimum payout is $25. The payment terms are NET 30.

name value
AcquiredBy AOL[1]
AcquiredON May 16, 2007[1]
Blog None[2]
Country US[3]
FoundedOn 1998[5]
FoundedOn#2 1998[1]
Google+ None[2]
Headquarters Frankfurt, Germany[5]
Headquarters#2 New York, NY[1]
Instagram None[2]
MinimumPayout $25[3]
NetworkType CPM[3]
NetworkType#2 PPC[3]
NetworkType#3 CPC[3]
PaymentMethod Paypal[3]
PaymentMethod#2 Check[3]
PaymentMethod#3 Wire[3]
PaymentTerms NET30[3]
Youtube None[2]
pageOnAdAge None[2]
pageOnAdBalance None[2]
pageOnAdweek None[2]
pageOnMonetizePros None[2]
pageOniMediaConnection None[2]
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