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name value
Account Activation Not Required[1]
Account Validation Not Required[1]
AdFormats SmartWall[3]
AdFormats#10 Offerwall[2]
AdFormats#2 Banner[3]
AdFormats#3 Push notifications[3]
AdFormats#4 Icons[3]
AdFormats#5 Rich media[3]
AdFormats#6 Video ads[3]
AdFormats#7 App Icon[2]
AdFormats#8 Messaging[2]
AdFormats#9 Notifications[2]
AdType Mobile Ad Network[2]
AdType#2 Mobile ad network[4]
AdType#3 Mobile Ads[5]
AdTypes Mobile App Monetization[3]
Client Coca Cola[5]
Client#2 Amazon[5]
Client#3 Volkswagen[5]
Country USA[2]
FoundedOn 2010[1]
FoundedOn#2 December 1, 2010[4]
FoundedOn#3 2010[5]
Founder Asher Delug[4]
Founder#2 Asher Delug[5]
Headquarter Los Angeles, CA[4]
Headquarter#2 Los Angeles, California[5]
Implementation Technology Airpush AirSDK Jar File and XML[3]
Instagram None[9]
Minimum number of visitors None[1]
MinimumPayout $50[3]
MinimumPayout#2 $10[11]
MinimumTraffic None[3]
Mobile Ad Units Available Yes[3]
Network Size 100,000+ mobile apps amd 10,000+ live campaigns.[3]
NetworkType CPA[3]
NetworkType#2 CPM[3]
NetworkType#3 CPC[3]
NetworkType#4 CPC[2]
NetworkType#5 CPM[2]
NetworkType#6 CPC[11]
NetworkType#7 CPM[11]
Overall Rating 4 out of 5[3]
Payment Rating 4 out of 5[3]
PaymentMethod ACH[3]
PaymentMethod#2 Wire transfer[3]
PaymentMethod#3 PayPal[3]
PaymentMethod#4 PayPal[11]
PaymentTerms Weekly payments[3]
PaymentTerms#2 Request[11]
Platform Android[2]
Prohibited Publisher Content There is no content that is explicitly prohibited by the Airpush Developer Agreement; however, developers are expected to be in compliance with the Google Play Developer Program Policies, which does have certain content restrictions.[3]
Publisher Language Requirement There is no specific language requirement.[3]
Users 40,000[2]
Verticals All[3]
pageOnAdAge None[9]
pageOnAdBalance None[9]
pageOnAdweek None[9]
pageOnFreebase None[9]
pageOniMediaConnection None[9]
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