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Amobee, a mobile advertising technology company, was founded by Gil Shulman, Saul Rurka[1] and Zohar Levkovitz in May 2005.  It went live in June 2005. One year later, the company recruited Roger Cameron Wood, a mobile industry veteran, who established the company’s U.S. presence in San Francisco. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, CA, with offices in London, New York City, Los Angeles, Argentina, and Singapore. The Amobee Research and Development center is located in Herzliya, Israel.

Amobee is a global marketing technology company that provides advertising services for large advertisers, publishers and operators. Amobee has a proprietary platform that supports all mobile ad formats on any mobile, internet-enabled device, including gaming platforms. The Brand Intelligence technology analyzes real-time and historical content consumption to identify consumer trends and interests. Amobee filters data from across all media channels to provide clients decision-making data to develop marketing strategies, measure campaign impact, and monitor the competitive ecosphere to increase marketing Return on Investment.

Clients include Fiat, Showtime, Porche, and Nutella.

In 2009, Amobee purchased media company RingRingMedia in order to expand their advertising customer base. In 2012 Amobee was purchased by Asian mobile giant Singtel for $321 million, and was allowed to retain the company’s existing management team. June of 2014 saw Amobee purchase Adconion and Kontera for a combined purchasing price of $359 million to ensure their continued presence in the growing smartphone base mobile marketplace. With the purchase of Kontera Ameebo is also acquiring 18 of its patents. Ameebo currently takes up 10 percent of the total digital ad spend of global mobile display advertising.

name value
AcquiredBy Singtel[3]
AcquiredBy#2 Singtel[1]
AcquiredBy#3 SingTel[2]
AcquiredOn March 2012[3]
AcquiredOn#2 2012[1]
AcquiredOn#3 March 5, 2012[2]
Acquisitions Adconion[3]
Acquisitions#2 Kontera[3]
Acquisitions#3 Kontera[2]
Acquisitions#4 Adconion Media Group[2]
Acquisitions#5 Gradient X[2]
Acquisitions#6 AdJitsu[2]
Acquisitions#7 Ringring Media[2]
AreaServed Worldwide[3]
Competitors Mobixell Networks
Customers Ouyeaa[2]
FoundedBy Gil Shulman[3]
FoundedBy#2 Saul Rurka[3]
FoundedBy#3 Zohar Levkovitz[3]
FoundedBy#4 Saul Rurka[2]
FoundedBy#5 Gil Shulman[2]
FoundedBy#6 Harry Dewhirst[2]
FoundedOn May 2005[3]
FoundedOn#2 May 1, 2005[2]
Headquarters Redwood City, California, United States[3]
Headquarters#2 Redwood City, CA[2]
Offices London[3]
Offices#2 New York City[3]
Offices#3 Los Angeles[3]
Offices#4 Argentina[3]
Offices#5 Singapore[3]
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