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Bannerconnect was founded in 2004. In 2014, it was acquired by Xasis. Its headquarters are located in the Netherlands. Their rating is 5.5/10.

Network Type

Bannerconnect uses a CPM, CPC, PPC, and CPA network.

Publisher Requirements

Bannerconnect requires publishers to have at least 1000 unique daily visitors.

Ad Formats

Bannerconnect offers ads in the following formats:

Banner Half Banner Half Page Interstitial and Link Shortener Leaderboard Pop-Under Pop-Up Large Rectangle Medium Rectangle Rectangle Wide Skyscraper Skyscraper

Ad Sizes

Bannerconnect offers ads in the following sizes:

  • 468x60
  • 234x60
  • 728x90
  • 120x600
  • 160x600
  • 180x150
  • 300x600
  • 300x250
  • 336x280

Payment Terms, Payment Method, and Minimum Payout

Bannerconnect's payment terms are Net-60 and Net 30. Their payment methods are wire transfer, electronic funds transfer, or PayPal. The minimum payout is $100 ($30? $20?). The payout percentage to publishers is 50%.


Bannerconnect offers the following advantages:

  • Publishers from any part of the world can join this network.
  • 100% fill rate
  • Global traffic is acceptable.
  • High quality ad inventory
  • Publishers have control on ads. They can filter ads based on their priorities.
  • Users won’t see play/download type ads.
  • Supports multiple languages.


Bannerconnect has the following disadvantages:

  • Getting approval is not easy. Generally small publishers get discouraged by Bannerconnect.
  • Publishers may experience low earnings with non-US traffic.
  • Lower eCPM rates when compared to other ad networks.
  • It’s difficult for newbies to earn with CPA campaigns.

Bought by Xaxis

name value
AcquiredBy Xasis[1]
AcquiredOn 2014[1]
AdFormats Banner[1]
Country Netherlands[3]
Country#2 Netherlands[2]
FoundedOn 2004[1]
Headquarter Netherlands[1]
MinimumPayout $100[1]
MinimumPayout#2 $100[3]
MinimumPayout#3 $30[4]
MinimumPayout#4 $20[5]
MinimumPayout#5 $100[2]
MinimumPayout#6 $30[6]
Network Trust 99%[5]
NetworkType CPM[1]
NetworkType#10 CPC[2]
NetworkType#11 CPM[2]
NetworkType#12 CPA[2]
NetworkType#13 CPM[6]
NetworkType#14 CPC[6]
NetworkType#15 PPC[6]
NetworkType#2 CPC[3]
NetworkType#3 CPM[3]
NetworkType#4 CPA[3]
NetworkType#5 CPC[4]
NetworkType#6 CPM[4]
NetworkType#7 CPA[4]
NetworkType#8 CPC[5]
NetworkType#9 CPM[5]
PaymentMethod Wire Transfer[1]
PaymentMethod#10 PayPal[2]
PaymentMethod#11 Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)[6]
PaymentMethod#12 PayPal[6]
PaymentMethod#2 PayPal[1]
PaymentMethod#3 Wire Transfer[3]
PaymentMethod#4 PayPal[3]
PaymentMethod#5 Electronic Funds Transfer[4]
PaymentMethod#6 PayPal[4]
PaymentMethod#7 Check[5]
PaymentMethod#8 PayPal[5]
PaymentMethod#9 Wire Transfer[2]
PaymentTerms Net-60[1]
PaymentTerms#2 Net-30[3]
PaymentTerms#3 Net-60[4]
PaymentTerms#4 Net-45[5]
PaymentTerms#5 Net-30[2]
PaymentTerms#6 NET60[6]
Payout Percentage to Publisher 50%[6]
Payout Percentage to Publishers 50%[4]
PublisherRequirements 1000 unique daily visitors[1]
Rating 5.5/10[5]
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