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Chitika was founded on May 1, 2003 by Alden DoRosario and Venkat Kolluri. Their headquarters are located in Westborough, MA, USA. They have a network of over 250,000 websites. Their statistics are updated daily, and their payment frequency is monthly. Their overall rating is 3.25 out of 5.

Advertising Partners

Chitika’s advertising partners include Yahoo, Shopzilla, and Yellowbook. Network Types and Rates

Chitika uses a CPM, PPC, and CPC network. The CPC rate for Standard Users is $0.10-$0.60. For Golden Users, the CPC rate is up to $3.00.

Payout, Payment Method, and Payment Terms

Chitika’s payment method is PayPal or check. For PayPal, the minimum payout is $10. For check, the minimum payout is $50. The payment terms are NET 30.

Ad Types

Chitika uses the following ad types:

  • Display/Text Ad Units
  • Mobile Ads

Display Ad Unit Size

Chitika provides ads in the following sizes:

  • 550x250
  • 500x250
  • 728x90
  • 120x600
  • 160x600
  • 468x250
  • 468x180
  • 468x120

Publisher Requirements

Chitika has no minimum traffic requirements for its publishers.


Chitika is compatible with Google AdSense.


Chitika provides mobile ad units and a WordPress Plugin.

name value
AdTypes Display/text ad units[1]
AdTypes#2 Mobile ads[1]
AdvertisingPartners Yahoo[2]
AdvertisingPartners#2 Shopzilla[2]
AdvertisingPartners#3 Yellowbook[2]
AdvertisingRates (CPM, CPC and PPC) Average $0.30 to $0.60, Highest $3[3]
CPC Rates From two cents to $3.00[2]
CPC Rates for Golden User Upto 3$[6]
CPC Rates for Standard User 0.1$ - 0.60$[6]
Categories Mobile, Big Data Analytics, Advertising[7]
ChitikaNetwork Over 250,000 websites[2]
ChitikaNetwork#2 Over 250,000+ sites[7]
Compatible with Google AdSense Yes[1]
Founded 2003[9]
FoundedOn 2003[2]
FoundedOn#2 May 1, 2003[7]
Founders Alden DoRosario[7]
Founders#2 Venkat Kolluri[7]
Headquarters Westborough, MA[7]
ImplementationTechnology HTML, Javascript[1]
Instagram None[11]
MinimumPayout $10[6]
MinimumPayout (Check) $50[2]
MinimumPayout (Check)#2 $50[3]
MinimumPayout (PayPal) $10[2]
MinimumPayout (PayPal)#2 $10[3]
MinimumPayout#2 $10[1]
Mobile Ad Units Available Yes[1]
NetworkType CPM[6]
NetworkType#2 CPC[6]
NetworkType#3 CPM[3]
NetworkType#4 CPC[3]
NetworkType#5 PPC[3]
OverallRating 3.25 out of 5[1]
PaymentFrequency Monthly[3]
PaymentMethod Check[6]
PaymentMethod#2 PayPal[6]
PaymentMethod#3 Check[2]
PaymentMethod#4 PayPal[2]
PaymentMethod#5 Check[3]
PaymentMethod#6 PayPal[3]
PaymentMethod#7 Check[1]
PaymentMethod#8 PayPal[1]
PaymentTerms NET 30[3]
PaymentTerms#2 NET 30[1]
PublisherRequirements No minimum traffic[1]
StatisticsUpdated Daily[3]
Verticals All[1]
WordPress Plugin Available Yes[1]
Youtube None[11]
pageOnAdBalance None[11]
pageOnAdweek None[11]
pageOnFreebase None[11]
pageOniMediaConnection None[11]
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