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name value
AdTypes Banners, pop-unders,XML feeds, layer ads, search boxes and in-text ads[2]
AdTypes#2 Inline Text Links,Text Banners,Graphical Banner,Pop-Unders,Interstitial Ads[1]
Compatible with Google AdSense Yes[3]
Country CA[1]
EarningPotential $.035 per click (Text Ads)[6]
EarningPotential#10 $0.0025 per interstitial Ad[4]
EarningPotential#11 $0.035 per click (Text Ads)[5]
EarningPotential#12 $0.20 per 1,000 impressions (Graphical / Rich Media Banners)[5]
EarningPotential#13 $0.035 per click (Graphical Banners)[5]
EarningPotential#14 $0.0025 per visitor (Pop-unders)[5]
EarningPotential#15 $0.0025 per interstitial Ad[5]
EarningPotential#2 $.20 per 1000 impressions (Rich Media Banner)[6]
EarningPotential#3 $.035 per click (Rich Media Banner)[6]
EarningPotential#4 $.0025 per visitor (Pop unders)[6]
EarningPotential#5 $.0025 per interstitial ad[6]
EarningPotential#6 $0.035 per click (Text Ads)[4]
EarningPotential#7 $0.20 per 1,000 impressions (Graphical / Rich Media Banners)[4]
EarningPotential#8 $0.035 per click (Graphical Banners)[4]
EarningPotential#9 $0.0025 per visitor (Pop-unders)[4]
Founded 2004[7]
FoundedOn 2004[3]
FoundedOn#2 2004[8]
Headquarters North York, ON[8]
MinimumPayout $50[3]
MinimumPayout#2 $50[2]
MinimumPayout#3 Bank Wire ($1000 USD)[1]
MinimumPayout#4 Paypal ($50 USD)[1]
MinimumPayout#5 Check ($50 USD)[1]
MinimumPayout#6 Paypal ($50 USD)[5]
MinimumPayout#7 Check ($50 USD)[5]
MinimumPayout#8 Bank Wire ($1000 USD) with $75 administration fee for Wire[5]
Mobile Ad Units Available Yes[3]
NetworkType CPC, CPI, CPM, CPV[3]
NetworkType#2 CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPV (cost per visit)[2]
NetworkType#3 CPC, PPC, CPV, CPM, CPI[4]
NetworkType#4 CPC, PPC, CPV, CPM[5]
OverallRating 1.50 out of 5[3]
PaymentMethod Check[3]
PaymentMethod#10 PayPal[5]
PaymentMethod#11 Check[5]
PaymentMethod#12 Wire[5]
PaymentMethod#2 PayPal[3]
PaymentMethod#3 Wire transfer ($75 fee for wires)[3]
PaymentMethod#4 Check ($50)[6]
PaymentMethod#5 PayPal ($50)[6]
PaymentMethod#6 Wire transfer ($1000)[6]
PaymentMethod#7 PayPal[1]
PaymentMethod#8 Cheque[1]
PaymentMethod#9 Wire[1]
PaymentRating 2 out of 5[3]
PaymentTerms Net-15[3]
PaymentTerms#2 Net-15[2]
PaymentTerms#3 Pays twice per month/NET 15[1]
PaymentTerms#4 Monthly, NET 15[5]
Prohibited Publisher Content Child pornography, zoosexuality, libelous or defamatory sites, piracy, warez, illegal activities, gratuitous violence, hate, spam, under construction, any other type of content that public consensus deems to be improper or inappropriate[3]
Publisher Language Requirement None[3]
PublisherRequirements 50,000 monthly impressions[3]
PublisherRequirements#2 5000 page views per day[2]
PublisherRequirements#3 English-sites only are accepted[2]
PublisherRequirements#4 50% of site traffic must be from the US, CA , or UK and the sites must not be on a free host[2]
PublisherRequirements#5 5,000 page views per day[5]
PublisherRequirements#6 At least 50% of website/blog traffic have to comes from Canada, UK or US[5]
PublisherShare of Revenue Approximately 60% and "up to 85%"[3]
ReferralIncome 10%[6]
ReferralIncome#2 10%[2]
Verticals All[3]
WordPress Plugin Available Yes[3]
contact page[10]
minimum traffic 50,000[11]
official blog[12]
official twitter[13]
official youtube[14]

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