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name value
AdFormats IAB-standard[2]
AdFormats#10 Medium Rectangle[1]
AdFormats#11 Half Page Ad[1]
AdFormats#12 PocketCentsmobile[1]
AdFormats#2 Wide Skyscraper[2]
AdFormats#3 Medium Rectangle[2]
AdFormats#4 Rectangle[2]
AdFormats#5 Half Page Ad[2]
AdFormats#6 Leaderboard[2]
AdFormats#7 Wide Skyscraper[1]
AdFormats#8 Leaderboard[1]
AdFormats#9 Rectangle[1]
AdTypes Banners[2]
AdTypes#2 Text ads[2]
AdTypes#3 Video ads[2]
AdTypes#4 Mobile ads[2]
Auto-accepts ads / option for manual ad approval No option for manual ad approval, ads are placed automatically[2]
Blog None[3]
Country US[4]
Country#2 US[2]
Coverage and Geographic focus Global coverage, focus on the US and specific cities[2]
Exclusivity N/A[2]
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/PocketCentsPPC[5]
FoundedOn 2007[6]
Google+ http://plus.google.com/100686536522005651678/about[7]
Headquarters Washington, MI[6]
Headquarters#2 Washington, Michigan[1]
Instagram None[3]
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/pocketcents-inc.[8]
MinimumPayout $10[4]
MinimumPayout#2 $10[2]
MinimumPayout#3 $10[1]
NetworkType Text[4]
NetworkType#2 Hybrid[4]
NetworkType#3 Banner[4]
NetworkType#4 Video[4]
NetworkType#5 Mobile advertisements[4]
NetworkType#6 CPC[2]
NetworkType#7 CPC[1]
NetworkType#8 PPC[1]
PaymentMethod Paypal[4]
PaymentMethod#2 Paypal[2]
PaymentMethod#3 Check (USA, Canada and many European countries)[1]
PaymentMethod#4 Paypal[1]
PaymentTerm NET30[4]
PaymentTerm#2 NET30[2]
Payout percentage share with publishers Fixed rate of $0.25 per click. $0.15 goes to publisher and the remaining $0.10 is used for commission and advertising.[2]
Payout percentage share with publishers#2 PocketCents charge 25 cents per click from advertisers and pay 15 cents to publishers[1]
Rate per click/lead/etc Every valid click earns $0.15 US[2]
RecommendedBy http://www.adpushup.com/blog/top-13-highest-paying-ppc-ad-networks/[9]
Referral Commission 10%[1]
Requirements / Restrictions No questionable content of any kind[2]
Setup method Manual code insertion[2]
Twitter http://twitter.com/pocketcents[10]
Website http://www.pocketcents.com[11]
Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/PocketCents[12]
pageOnAdAge None[3]
pageOnAdBalance None[3]
pageOnAdweek None[3]
pageOnCruchBase http://www.crunchbase.com/organization/pocketcents[13]
pageOnFreebase None[3]
pageOnMonetizePros None[3]
pageOnWikipedia None[3]
pageOniMediaConnection None[3]
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