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Vibrant Media is a marketing and advertising company which uses CPC and CPM networks. It was founded on July 1, 2000 by Craig Goodling and Doug Stevenson. It is a privately held company with 201-500 employees. Its headquarters are located in New York City, New York, with other offices located in the United Kingdom and Germany. Investors include ABS Ventures and Fortis.

Vibrant Media has approximately 6,600 website publishers with 300 million unique users per month. Top clients include Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Sony, Jaguar Sainsbury’s and Unilever.

Vibrant Media has acquired Image Space Media


Vibrant Media specializes in:

  • Online Video Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Content Delivery

Privacy Policy

Vibrant Media does not allow sites which host questionable or “adult” content. This includes violent material, gambling, pornography, weaponry and software piracy. Vibrant Media reviews every site thoroughly before approval. Once approved as a Vibrant Media publisher, the publisher should not try to manipulate the ad code or offer incentives to click on an ad. Vibrant Media will ban any publishers guilty of doing so.

Ad Formats

Vibrant Media uses the following ad formats:

  • In-Text
  • In-Image
  • Display
  • Mosaic
  • Lightbox
  • Storyboard
  • Brand Canvas

Publisher Requirements

In order to be approved, publisher’s websites must have 500,000 monthly visitors, and not contain any “adult” content.

Payment and CPM Rates

Vibrant Media pays its publishers in the form of checks for US sites, and wire transfer for international sites. They also provide payments through PayPal. Payout minimums are $50 for check payment, and $75 for wire transfer. The average US CPM rate is $0.45. The average international CPM rate is $0.15-$0.35.


  • High quality ads
  • Ads relevant to publisher’s site content
  • Professional looking ads which might increase the CTR
  • Users have complete control over ads – ad would only display or play if user hovers over it
  • Publishers can use Vibrant Media along with other networks such as Google AdSense.
  • Excellent customer service – won the 2012 Top Digital Ad Network in Custom Service Award
  • “Hassle-free” implementation with easy user interface
  • Displays top-quality brand ads
  • Very high CPC rates compared to competitors


  • Requires sites with high volumes of traffic – at least 500,000 page impressions
  • Will not advertise on any “adult” content websites
  • Strict approval process
  • Difficult for small publishers to monetize their sites with the Vibrant Media program
  • Overuse of ads might annoy readers

name value
Acquisition Image Space Media[1]
Average International CPM rates $ 0.15- $0.35[2]
Average US CPM rates $ 0.45[2]
CompanySize 201-500 employees[4]
CompanyType Privately Held[4]
Country Germany[5]
Country#2 UK[5]
Founded July 1, 2000[8]
FoundedBy Craig Gooding[5]
FoundedBy#2 Doug Stevenson[5]
FoundedOn July 1, 2000[5]
FoundedOn#2 2000[4]
FoundedOn#3 July 1st, 2000[9]
Headquarters New York, NY[5]
Headquarters#2 New York[4]
Industry Marketing and Advertising[4]
Investors ABS Ventures[5]
Investors#2 Fortis[5]
Minimum Payout for Publishers $50 (For check payment)[13]
Minimum Payout for Publishers#2 $75 (For Wire transfer)[13]
Minumum Threshold $50.00[2]
NEtworkType CPC[14]
NetworkType CPC[2]
NetworkType#2 CPM[2]
NetworkType#3 CPC[9]
Number of Website Publishers 6,600[5]
Number of Website Publishers#2 6,500[1]
Number of Website Publishers#3 6,600[15]
Payment Mode for Publishers Check[13]
Payment Mode for Publishers#2 Wire transfer (For international sites)[13]
Payment Mode for Publishers#3 Cheque[14]
Payment Mode for Publishers#4 Wire Transfer[14]
Payment Shedule NET 15 terms[2]
PaymentMode Paypal[2]
Requirements for Publishers 5,00,000 monthly visitors[2]
Requirements for Publishers#2 Generate 5,00,000 page views per month[13]
Size of Advertisers Network 300 x 250 pixel ad unit[15]
Specialities Advertising[5]
Specialities#2 Content Delivery[5]
Specialities#3 Mobile Advertising[5]
Specialities#4 Online Video Advertising[5]
TopClients Hewlett Packard[5]
TopClients#2 Microsoft[5]
TopClients#3 Unilever[5]
TopClients#4 Proctor and Gamble[5]
TopClients#5 Sainsbury's[5]
TopClients#6 HP[9]
TopClients#7 Jaguar[9]
TopClients#8 Microsoft[9]
TopClients#9 Sony[9]
Types of Ad Formats Brand Canvas[13]
Types of Ad Formats#10 Image[14]
Types of Ad Formats#11 In-Text Ads[14]
Types of Ad Formats#12 Light box[14]
Types of Ad Formats#13 Mosaic[14]
Types of Ad Formats#2 Display[13]
Types of Ad Formats#3 In-Image ads[13]
Types of Ad Formats#4 In-Text ads[13]
Types of Ad Formats#5 Lightbox[13]
Types of Ad Formats#6 Mosaic[13]
Types of Ad Formats#7 Storyboard[13]
Types of Ad Formats#8 Display Ads[14]
Types of Ad Formats#9 Dynamic Adhesion[14]
Unique Users Per Month 300 million[5]
Unique Users Per Month#2 300 million[15]
official blog[45]
official facebook[46]
official linkedin[47]
official twitter[48]
official website[49]
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