AdBull is a new digital marketing company. The word “AdBull” is synonymous with the Cursor Ad concept. This concept can be described as a new revolution in digital marketing. AdBull helps web owners and publishers earn additional income from their website or blog.

The concept and agency is not only famous for this new development in the world of digital marketing, but the results of the new concept has also said a lot about the idea. As compared with other forms of digital marketing such as in-text and contextual ads or pay-per-click programs, the cursor ads recorded 5.8% click-through-rates and $1.76 eCPM.

Technology overview

AdBull delivers simple advertising solutions to web publishers. They simply sign up with AdBull, selecting relevant categories during the registration process, and then paste simple script into their webpages.

AdBull continually assesses the website and webpages, and updates relevant ads as the content of the webpage changes. This process is automated, meaning that publishers need not stress about updating their site.

Advertiser overview

This concept by AdBull is particularly excellent for advertisers since they are able to get at least 98% of viewers that visit a particular site. This takes away one of the major challenges faced by marketers – wider reach at minimal cost.

It is also a simple and straightforward process that does not require advanced computer skills.

Publisher overview

Every publisher wants to make as much money as possible from each of their works. This is where AdBull and the Cursor Ad concept come in handy. Regardless of the size of the blog or website, every publisher is able to add a new stream of income to their portfolio.

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