AdECN was a digital marketing firm founded in 2003, with Jeff Green being an integral part of the founding. The headquarters of the company was located in California, USA. It specializes in advertising, sales and marketing. Jeff Green left AdECN and Microsoft in 2009 to start his own company, The Trade Desk.

AdECN was one of the advertising exchange outfits that did extremely well in the world of digital marketing. It received a total of 3.1 million dollars from just 5 investors in the first round of funding, underlining the prospects of the outfit. These investors are Novus Ventures, Labrador Ventures, Band of Angels, Accel Partners, and Tech Coast Angels.

AdECN uses the concept of ad exchange, which is the buying and selling media ad inventory. In this case, buyers bid for the inventories, as opposed to the traditional method of negotiating the prices.

The acquisition of AdECN by Microsoft was one that was greeted with happiness by the shareholders of Microsoft due to the impressive record of the ad outfit. After four years of its existence, AdECN was able to run an exchange of 37 ad networks, purchasing ad slots from different websites and reselling them to advertisers.

AdECN was bought by Microsoft in order to serve as a competition to Yahoo’s Right Media, especially since AdECN brought something new to the table. According to Henry Wong, an AdECN board member, it works as a neutral platform, alienating itself from publishers and advertisers in order to ensure that the exchanges are not cannibalized.

The company was retired in 2011 by Microsoft, after which it embraced AppNexus RTB Engine.

RTB platform

was bought by MS, was part of Microsoft Advertising Exchange

retired (see url) in favor of AppNexus

name value
AcquiredBy Microsoft[1][2][3]
Founded 2003[1]
FoundedBy Jeff Green[1]

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