Conversant was founded in 1998. Its headquarters are in Westlake Village, CA. Its fill rate is 100%. Its overall rating is 3.75/5. Its payment rating is 4/5.

Network Type

Conversant uses a CPM and CPC network.

Payment Methods, Minimum Payout, and Payout Terms

Conversant’s payment methods are PayPal, check, and direct deposit. The minimum payout is $25, and the payment terms are NET 25 and NET 60.

Ad Serving

Conversant’s ad serving is international.

Publisher Requirements

Conversant requires publishers to have more than 5000 (3000?) unique visitors per day, and provide good content quality. Publisher sites must be in English.

Prohibited Content

Conversant requires that websites containing the following be approved in writing by ValueClick on a case by case basis:

  • Excessive Ads
  • App– Quest/Test
  • User Generated Content such as Blogs, Forums, Discussion Boards, and Chat Rooms that are not Regulated
  • Foreign Websites
  • Controversial Issues such as Religion, Sexual Orientation and Edgy Humor
  • Wrestling
  • Anime
  • Gaming
  • Old Content
  • Poor Quality Design and Functionality

Ad Formats

Conversant provides ads in the following formats:

  • Display Banner
  • Video
  • Mobile Ads
  • Flash Script
  • Over the Page Screen
  • Pop Up
  • Full Screen in App
  • Pop Under
  • InVue
  • Interstitials
  • Half-Page
  • Flexible Banner
  • In-Text Links

Ad Unit Size

Conversant provides ads in the following sizes:

  • 728×90
  • 120×600
  • 300×250
  • 468×60
  • 160×600
  • 180×150


Conversant is compatible with Google AdSense.

name value
AdFormats Display, video, in-text and mobile[1]
AdServing International[2]
AdTypes Display[3]
Blog None[4]
Compatible with Google AdSense Yes[3]
Country United States[2]
FillRate 100%[1]
FoundedOn 1998[1]
FoundedOn#2 1998[6]
FoundedOn#3 1998[3]
FoundedOn#4 1998[7]
Google+ None[4]
Headquarters US[1]
Headquarters#2 Westlake Village, CA[7]
Instagram None[4]
MinimumPayout $25[1]
MinimumPayout#2 $25[2]
MinimumPayout#3 $25[6]
MinimumPayout#4 $25[3]
Mobile Ad Units Available Yes[3]
NetworkType CPM and CPC[1]
NetworkType#2 CPC,CPM[2]
NetworkType#3 CPC,CPM[6]
NetworkType#4 CPC, CPM[3]
OverallRating 3.75 out of 5[3]
PaymentMethod PayPal[1]
PaymentMethod#2 Check[1]
PaymentMethod#3 Direct Deposit[1]
PaymentMethod#4 PayPal, Cheque[2]
PaymentMethod#5 PayPal, Check[6]
PaymentMethod#6 Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal[3]
PaymentRating 4 out of 5[3]
PaymentTerms Net 25[1]
PaymentTerms#2 Net 25[2]
PaymentTerms#3 Net 20[6]
PaymentTerms#4 Net-60 (but usually within 25 days)[3]
Prohibited Publisher Content Any Websites that relate to or have any characteristic of the following must be approved in writing by ValueClick and shall be on a case by case basis: (i) excessive ads, app - quest/test, user generated content (blogs, forums, discussion boards, chat rooms, etc.) that is not regulated, (ii) foreign websites, (iii) controversial issues (e.g. religion, sexual orientation and/or edgy humor), (iv) wrestling, (v) anime, (vi) gaming, (vii) old content, and/or (viii) poor quality design and functionality.[3]
Publisher Language Requirement Must be in English[3]
PublisherRequirements Minimal[2]
PublisherRequirements#2 Above 5000 unique visitors per day and good content quality[6]
PublisherRequirements#3 3,000 monthly pageviews[3]
Twitter None[4]
Verticals All[3]
WordPress Plugin Available No[3]
Youtube None[4]
pageOnAdAge None[4]
pageOnAdweek None[4]
pageOnFreebase None[4]
pageOniMediaConnection None[4]
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