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Rocket Fuel is an ad technology company based in Redwood City, California. The company has locations worldwide, including sites in Sweden, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Rocket Fuel was founded in 2008 by alumni of Yahoo!, Abhinav Gupta, Richard Frankel, and George John.

Rocket Fuel works to meet the real-time needs of advertisers in online marketplaces including: web, mobile, video, and social channels, through scientific online marketing to maximize brand awareness for their clients. The company has created a programmatic marketing platform to improve the effectiveness of real-time marketing through the use of Big Data driven predictive modeling and artificial intelligence. The use of artificial intelligence allows Rocket Fuel to manage over 1000 campaigns simultaneously, automating much of the decision-making platform for advertisers—including ad placement, audience, and effectiveness.

Rocket Fuel uses predictive algorithms to refine future ad campaigns, drive sales, and manage costs. Moment Scoring is the process Rocket Fuel uses to interpret anonymous user created data to predict ad effectiveness and response rates. Moment Scoring is an active, evolving algorithm that constantly updates results based upon real-time ad influence data.

In September of 2013, Rocket Fuel completed an initial public stock offering. The company’s initial stock offering was $29 per share and rapidly reached a high of $59.95 per share when the stock opened. At the close of opening day, Rocket Fuel’s stock closed at $56.10, giving the company a value of $942.5 million.  Rocket Fuel stock later dropped significantly in value to $9.63, or 86 percent below its record high and 67 percent below its IPO price.

Rocket Fuel was ranked #4 on Forbes’ Most Promising Companies in America in 2013. Rocket Fuel then acquired the New York-based ad tech company [x+1] in August 2014 for $230 million. This now sets them in direct competition with marketing cloud advertisers such as Oracle, Sprinklr, Adobe, and Salesforce. Intuit, Discover, Allstate and Nissan will also continue to be served by Rocket Fuel as former [x+1] clients. This recent acquisition is expected to contribute up to an additional $22 million in revenue for the company.

name value
Access Access to over 300 exchange sellers and direct access to large premium publishers[1]
AcquiredOn Sep 4, 2014[2]
Acquisitions XPlus Two[3]
Acquisitions#2 XPlus Two[2]
BusinessType Ad Networks & Sales Houses[4]
BusinessType#2 Trading Specialists[4]
Competitors Turn[5]
Competitors#2 Quantcast[5]
Competitors#3 MediaMath[5]
Country North America[7]
Country#10 United States[4]
Country#11 New York[6]
Country#12 London[6]
Country#13 Paris[6]
Country#14 Hamburg[6]
Country#2 Europe[7]
Country#3 Japan[7]
Country#4 Canada[4]
Country#5 France[4]
Country#6 Germany[4]
Country#7 Italy[4]
Country#8 Netherlands[4]
Country#9 United Kingdom[4]
Customers Ouyeaa[3]
Daily Ad Displays Over 1.5 billion[8]
Devices Supported Web-based[1]
FoundedBy George John[7]
FoundedBy#10 Online advertising veterans and rocket scientists from DoubleClick[5]
FoundedBy#11 Online advertising veterans and rocket scientists from NASA[6]
FoundedBy#12 Online advertising veterans and rocket scientists from Yahoo![6]
FoundedBy#13 Online advertising veterans and rocket scientists from[6]
FoundedBy#14 Online advertising veterans and rocket scientists from DoubleClick.[6]
FoundedBy#2 Richard Frankel[7]
FoundedBy#3 Abhinav Gupta[7]
FoundedBy#4 George John[3]
FoundedBy#5 Richard Frankel[3]
FoundedBy#6 Abhinav Gupta[3]
FoundedBy#7 Online advertising veterans and rocket scientists from NASA[5]
FoundedBy#8 Online advertising veterans and rocket scientists from Yahoo![5]
FoundedBy#9 Online advertising veterans and rocket scientists from[5]
FoundedOn 2008[7]
FoundedOn#2 March 1, 2008[3]
FoundedOn#3 2008[5]
FoundedOn#4 March 1, 2008[2]
FoundedOn#5 2008[9]
FoundedOn#6 2008[8]
Headquarters Redwood City, CA, US[7]
Headquarters#2 Redwood City, CA[3]
Headquarters#3 Rocket Fuel Inc. 350 Marine Parkway

Marina Park Center Redwood City, CA 94065 650-595-1300[4]

Headquarters#4 Redwood City, CA[5]
Headquarters#5 Redwood City, CA[2]
Headquarters#6 Redwood City[9]
Headquarters#7 Redwood City, CA[8]
Intended Users Large Enterprises[1]
Ranking in Categories #56 in Marketing Software Advertising Software[1]
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